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Since their start in 1989, AIS has been a company built on ingenuity. They've truly shaken up the office furniture industry with their ability to manufacture high-end systems, desking/benching, casegoods and seating utilizing award-winning processes and product designs at an attractive price point.

AIS brings charisma to the office furniture market. They believe office furniture can be fun; it doesn't have to be so serious. Very simply, they are a group of people who love what they do and this energy is infectious. It translates into award-winning products and manufacturing, marketing ingenuity, happy clients and overall - success.

Vibrant, Unique, Reliable, Committed, Ingenuity, Excellence, Passionate - That's AIS.



Artopex is a leading manufacturer of high quality office furniture offering everything under one roof.  In business since 1980, they are a 100% Canadian owned and operated company, with all of their manufacturing facilities in their home province of Quebec.  Family-owned and privately held, Artopex has 3 corporate showrooms in Canada located in Montreal, Toronto and Calgary, serving the North American market with the support of a network of 465 dealers.  

Driven by passion and a desire to offer a complete range of office furniture, Artopex’s ever-evolving product lines include Desks, Tables, Seating, Freestanding Furniture, Systems Furniture, Collaborative Furniture, Metal Storage, and Architectural Walls.  

Corp Design

Corp Design

Founded in 2011 and based in Parkland, Florida, Corp Design is proud to offer creative office solutions for the budget minded business. In this competitive environment, Corp Design creates and designs exclusive high quality office furniture at the right price.  They strive to make a difference by offering product lines including seating, systems furniture and desking that are of superior quality at a great value.

With significant years in this market place, Corp Design understands the needs and visions of the end user. With a complete sophisticated line of office furniture, Corp Design proposes functional and practical unique products to partnered dealers.



Founded in 2001 and based in Spring Lake, MI, izzy+ is all about how people really work today—collaborating, telecommuting, being on the move with mobile technology, focusing on wellness. People want to be focused and happy in their work and play.

At izzy+, they love using design to solve problems, but their focus is really on people. It’s this love and respect for people that drives their commitment to being approachable, which in turn drives their ability to create better design through listening and collaborating. Izzy+, creating spaces that inspire and connect people.

Jasper Group

Jasper Group

As part of the Jasper Group family of brands, JSI is furniture for business interiors.  The JSI brand manufactures seating and casegoods in traditional, transitional and contemporary styles. Not to mention a full range of seating from task to lounge.  When the doors first opened, the built their reputation through long-lasting, quality wood office chairs, but now have integrated ergonomics and office dynamics into their seating and casegoods offerings.

Another part of the Jasper Group family of brands, COMMUNITY is furniture for public places.  The Community brand manufactures seating and casegoods for a broad range of applications. From elementary schools to colleges, from the doctor’s office to the hospital and from court rooms to town halls, they are supplying the furniture that is needed for today’s growing civic population.

The final part of the Jasper Group family of brands, KLEM, is furniture for hospitality.  The Klem brand manufactures exclusive, customized brand designs as well as standard product collections.  By specializing in overnight hospitality facilities, they have learned how to provide comfort, customization and convenience for their customers.



Based in Montreal, Canada, Logiflex benefits from both the experience of a well-established company and the energy and resourcefulness of a young organization.  Striving constantly to innovate, over the past decade, Logiflex has been a leading North American manufacturer of casegoods.  They provide solutions that work by offering solutions that reflect a customers' real business needs, producing high-quality modular and flexible products at competitive prices.  The Logiflex product line adapts to customer expansions, protecting initial investments, and serves both commercial and residential offices, as well as board rooms, conference rooms, training centers, nursing rooms, dormitories, health-care facilities, reception halls, and much more.

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