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Palmer Hamilton

Palmer Hamilton

A long and proud heritage, starting in 1946, the original Hamilton cafeteria table line was launched to a receptive marketplace. Over the years, their product lines evolved to include mobile tables, wall pocket systems, outdoor furniture, food court furniture and décor—all designed to be as durable and safe as they are stylish and easy-to-use. 

Today, Palmer Hamilton provides smart, versatile and beautiful furnishing solutions to K-12, higher education and commercial markets, bringing exciting products, dynamic furniture layouts and outstanding service to meet ever-changing dining, socializing and meeting needs.


Products by Palmer Hamilton

Hive Modular Furniture

Hive modular furniture is designed to create flexible spaces for collaboration, communication and concentration. A versatile system which integrates technology, Hive enables a multi- functional working environment. Hive allows you to create collaborative, private, social and teleconferencing spaces all in a relatively small area. Hive seamlessly integrates technology, including fixed and free standing TVs, monitors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile device charging outlets. Each unit contains an integrated internal power channel to bring as much power capacity as you need and exactly where you need it. You now have the ability to fit furnishings around your collaborative requirements as opposed to compromising your requirements because of limited furniture options. Hive also accommodates technology. The Hive system gives spaces planners and designers the flexibility to provide touchdown areas for people who are out and about but need to collaborate with Colleagues. Having integrated power within the hive modules, devices may be charged and presentations given. As your needs grow, Hive can grow with you. Hive also provides surface options for lap tops, cantilevered work surfaces, and tablet style writing surfaces. The innovative modular system allows you to reconfigure, move and amend your space. For more information on HIVE or other collaborative furniture call or contact us today


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