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Ergonomic Furniture

It’s more than a comfortable chair or a trendy standing desk. An improperly designed or poorly equipped workplace is inefficient, and can cause musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back injuries and circulatory problems. Our knowledge and approach prevents such problems from developing, helping to eliminate costly employee downtime and reduce workman’s compensation costs. We believe in it so much, we have an entire showroom dedicated to products that can ACTIVATE YOUR WORKPLACE

Here is a showcase of our hand-picked products. Our portfolio reflects only selected manufacturers and some of their most popular products. Call or Contact Us today for more product and manufacturer options.

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AFS Ergo Showroom

At our Jacksonville showroom, we are proud to have a dedicated area that showcases our collection of ergonomic products and we invite you to come in and experience these products in person.

Videos Showcasing Products

Artopex - Take Off Adjustable Tables

Winston-E Sit Stand Workstation

Richelieu Ergo SIt2Stand Demo

Standing inOvation and the William Tell Overture

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